Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ok, so I totally suck.

I haven't updated my blog in like forever. I know, I suck and I'm sorry. So, first of all I saw Renee again for my 10 week appointment and everything looks great! Here's a pic:

You can actually see arms and legs! Woot! We scheduled the NT scan for July 28th so I'm excited and nervous about that. Next appt with Renee is Aug 4th.

So, as far as how I've been feeling...well, I've been having good days and bad. One day I did't need the Zofran at all and some days I've needed it once, other days I'm still miserable. This week is the first week that I've actually been exhausted. I can't believe it! Here's the little pg survey...

How far along: 11 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: down 6lbs

Maternity clothes: I got a few things on sale for when we go to Disney in Sept. I'm guessing at 20 weeks I won't be fitting in the clothes I've been wearing now. I'm kinda excited to wear them :)

Stretch marks: just the ones I've always had

Sleep: Honestly, this is the first week I've felt exhausted. Some nights I sleep great, other nights aren't not even close to great. Last night I slept around 11 I just hope I can sleep tonight.

Best moment this week: Going a whole day with no Zofran! Woot!

Movement: too soon

Food cravings: cheese, especially Cracker Barrel sharp cheddar

Gender: Well, I had an early dream that it is a girl. Lately, I'm totally convinced it's a boy. And people I've been talking to all have their own guesses. I'm excited to see if next week at the NT scan if the doc will take a guess...

Labor signs: none, thank God.

Belly button: In.

What I miss: my back not hurting...

What I am looking forward to: NT scan next week.

Weekly wisdom: none

Milestones: getting this far!

Ok, so that's that. Yesterday morning I took my first belly pic:

I still really just feel bloated. Oh, and my boobs are out of control. They are huge and shopping makes me miserable. I finally found a bathing suit and my mom had to sew a modesty piece on the chest because there were boobs everywhere. It's ridiculous. I tried on a cute maternity shirt, you know the ones with the ties under the boobs? Well, yea if I actually put it under my boobs then you can see half my nipple. If I cover my boobs, the tie is across my boobs. So, I'm guessing I won't be wearing any of those shirts. or dresses. Damn.
So, anyway, I'm going to try and be good and update my blog more often. I'm still convinced that my life is boring and no one really wants to read this crap. LOL

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great news!!

So, I saw the high risk doc today in Renee's absence. After waiting for a few minutes, he came in and asked a few questions first. I swear he is the biggest sweetheart. I'm so happy he'll have a part in my care. Anyway, after getting caught up on exactly what's going on, he puts the goop on my belly and puts the wand on there. And poof, there's a picture on the screen in which he states "This is good!" I think that's when I actually started to breath. He says, "See how big the baby got since last week?" Oh, wow, look at that! Much bigger. So, I ask, "Heartbeat?" to which he replies, "Strong and Fast Mama!" Whew. I think my heart stopped beating so fast and I became sooo relieved at that. OMG. Mom was texting Vince so he wouldn't freak out worrying. We are so relieved and happy. Of course, not all my fears are gone, but I think I can actually start to relax and enjoy being PG. Well, besides the puking...LOL Woot!!! Here's the new picture: