Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great news!!

So, I saw the high risk doc today in Renee's absence. After waiting for a few minutes, he came in and asked a few questions first. I swear he is the biggest sweetheart. I'm so happy he'll have a part in my care. Anyway, after getting caught up on exactly what's going on, he puts the goop on my belly and puts the wand on there. And poof, there's a picture on the screen in which he states "This is good!" I think that's when I actually started to breath. He says, "See how big the baby got since last week?" Oh, wow, look at that! Much bigger. So, I ask, "Heartbeat?" to which he replies, "Strong and Fast Mama!" Whew. I think my heart stopped beating so fast and I became sooo relieved at that. OMG. Mom was texting Vince so he wouldn't freak out worrying. We are so relieved and happy. Of course, not all my fears are gone, but I think I can actually start to relax and enjoy being PG. Well, besides the puking...LOL Woot!!! Here's the new picture:


  1. I pph baby toot. just so you know.

  2. Beautiful toot!!! Glad things are progressing well!

  3. Baby looks GREAT! Oh I'm so glad for you! Baby Toot is going to look adorable :)