Monday, September 7, 2009

Just about 18 weeks...

and I'm feeling pretty darn good. It's kinda scary sometimes actually! So far I've felt what I think is the baby a few times in the last week...but not sure if that's what I'm really feeling yet. Honestly, it seems like all I do these days is eat. I eat everything and anything. I love food and dessert...lately my craving has been for buffalo chicken. Delicious. And I'm not too picky about what's for dessert. haha. I got the results to the second part of the NT blood test, which thank God was negative! Baby is at the lowest risk! Yay! I see Renee on Wednesday this week, so hopefully everything will be ok. I'm still very nervous something is wrong but I don't know why. I LOVE the doppler Jess sent me and being able to hear the hb whenever I want. It's so easy to find now! Next week is the BIG u/'s on Friday the 18th and I'm SUPER excited. A lot of people were saying girl in the beginning...but now it seems boy is the more popular pick. We still don't agree on a boys name. I dream A LOT about little girls. I think my face changed, but no one else seems to agree. I also started breaking out a lot so I guess we'll see. My mom said we'll know what baby is before I start to really look like boy or girl..LOL.

On the 23rd we leave for Disney! Woot! I'm hoping I still feel just as good as I do now and can stand the long days walking around in the heat. I'm SO weirded out at the thought of this being our last time their without any kids! Crazy stuff. Certainly not what I was thinking when I booked the trip before I got PG...LOL I worked today for time and a half and for a "free" day off to help with our trip and I'm so glad I did. I had an amazingly easy day and worked with some of my fav nurses! yay!

I can't believe the summer is over but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall!! It's definitely my most favorite season. I love everything about it but halloween. Halloween is just not my thing, although I enjoy seeing the kids and going treat or tricking with Giovanni and Amanda every year. One year I went to a funeral themed party at my cousins, in which I was a nun. I was thinking of pulling out the costume to be a pregnant nun...LOL...that may just be too much not nice though haha.

So, hopefully I'll remember to update again after my appt...if I don't, remind me! And I know I need to post more belly pics...I'm going to take some before my appt on Wednesday, I promise!

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  1. Wow! 18 weeks already :) Have fun in Disney, that is our favorite place (got engaged there and went on our honeymoon there). I am secretly jealous!