Monday, September 14, 2009

New Bump Pics :0)

Ok, so this is me being nice to Vince and wearing a Steelers shirt "for the baby" since I'm not a Steelers fan! LOL

And this is my official 18w4d bump shot:

I think my ass looks just as big as my bump...haha. Anyway, Big US is Friday at 1pm. I'm very excited, but very nervous for some reason. I just want to hear that baby is healthy and that everything is ok. My intuition tells me I'm having a girl. Every bone in my body says girl, but we'll see. I know these "feelings" tend to be wrong...LOL. So, we'll see! I'll keep you posted ;)


  1. Looking good!! Good luck on Friday :)

  2. I still think boy! Oh and you look even cuter than when I saw you. xoxo

  3. tootie! OMG, i have been gone for FAR tooooo long. i didnt even know you were expecting. i miss you and all of the go ladies!! congrats!