Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where do all the hookers meet?

South Street? I'm headed there because this is definitely the only way we'll be able to afford the $47/can formula the GI doctor told the Pedi to recommend to us. Um, seriously? Who the F can afford that? Our insurance doesn't cover it. The pharmacy told me to take the script to a medical supply store and they might be able to help by saying it's a medical supply that's absolutely necessary. A few people have told me that their child refused to drink it. So, I decided to wait until we see the GI doc next week and discuss exactly what this new formula will do and see if he has samples. I'm definitely not paying $47/can if she won't drink it or if it isn't really going to help anymore than the Alimentum. Then if she really needs it, I will either fight like hell with the insurance and prescription peeps, or start selling myself. I've seen Pretty Woman. I can work it! LOL

Oh? And the kicker? Apparently Medicaid covers it. So, if only I didn't have a job, and a husband and I could rely on the government for everything....WTF?


  1. That is insane! What is the name of the formula? We use a bunch of special formulas at work, and a lot of babies hate the taste. :(

  2. It's called Neocate. Some lady I bumped in to at BRU said her son refused to drink it AT ALL. So he's on Alimentum, which is what Maura is currently on.