Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GI doc appt

Vince and I took Maura to the GI doctor yesterday. First off, I think he's great. He's Asian, but has a British accent which kinda throws you off at first...LOL. So, the bad news...there's nothing he can do to help. He told us to continue the Prevacid and stop the Zantac. One medication is enough. And basically we just have to wait until she grows out of it. Blah. I'm glad they don't have to do anything invasive, but it sucks they can't help her. I hate seeing her so uncomfortable. Oh, and the good news? We don't need that terribly expensive formula! He said we don't even need to stay on the Alimentum. Similac Sensitive will be just fine :) So, I'm planning on trying to switch back very soon. If it doesn't go well, then we'll stick with the Alimentum. It's more expensive, but we'll do what we have to for her, of course.

So, after the GI doctor, we all went to Men's Warehouse. Vince needed a suit for Maura's baptism. And can I just say I think my hubby's hot? Damn he looks good in a suit ;) Today, I'm going to go shopping and try to find something to fit me. Blah. I'm so disgusted with myself at this weight. Which, brings me to the diet plan. I stopped taking my birth control. The hormones make me hungry ALL.DAY.LONG. and I can't stand it. It also makes me crave things like a crazy person and I won't be happy until I get it. So, as part as my weight loss plan, no birth control for 3 months. Luckily, Vince is ok with it. We both hate condoms. In my opinion, they suck. They take away something from the experience because I feel like there's something between us. Not to mention it hinders the feeling and they stink. Gross. Blah. Does anyone know if the non-latex ones are any better? Hmm, just wondering. But, it'll be well worth it if I can lose some of this weight.

Oh and for some reason, Maura slept from 9pm to 7am this morning. And she woke up happy! She was smiling and cooing at her mobile. Such a good girl!! I hope this is the start of a beautiful trend...LOL!

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  1. YAYYYYYYYY FOR STTN!!!!!! I'm also so glad there isn't a need for anything invasive. I really hope you guys can switch back to the similac with out any problems.

    I'm sorry there isn't much more they can do. I hope she's able to grow out of this quickly. I know it's been super hard on you!