Saturday, May 8, 2010

Heaven sent?

A few months ago Maura, Mammy and I were shopping at Babies R Us. We ran into a woman who has a baby (also a girl!) about Maura's age and we started talking. She told me she wasn't from the area and didn't really know anyone...and asked if maybe I wanted to exchange numbers with her. So, I did. I don't have many friends, let alone friends with babies so this was awesome! She seemed very normal and totally nice. We got together for lunch a couple weeks after we exchanged numbers and it was so nice! We've been getting together at least once every 2 weeks since then and we have such a good time together. We have A LOT in common and it's like we've been friends forever. Here's the kicker. I nearly fell over when we were walking the other day and I asked what day is her birthday. Her birthday is the same as Aunt Jo's. Aunt Jo was like my second mother growing up. She was my best friend. She is one of the greatest women I've ever known and although she's been gone for quite awhile now, I think about her each and every day. I gave Maura her middle name, Emily. She meant the world to me. So, did she send Maria to me? Did she know I needed a friend so she sent me one and Maura one? Can you send a thank you to heaven?

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  1. Heaven needs no thanks. So happy for you and the blessing of a new friendship in your life!