Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, right now, I'm pretty much a hot mess. If you haven't heard, I have shingles.

On Sunday, I noticed some burning and pain on the right side of my abdomen. Of course, I ignored it. I'm too busy for that nonsense. By Wednesday, it still hadn't gone away. So, I expected the worse and waited for the rash. The dreaded shingles rash. Thursday morning, it was there. I just about cried. Shingles is extremely contagious to anyone (especially babies, especially MY baby) that hasn't had chicken pox. Children don't get vaccinated until 1 year of age these days so my baby is now at high risk because who else will take care of her but me? One of the ID docs at work gave me a script for Valtrex so I could start taking it ASAP. Unfortunately, the pain came anyway. Holy Hannah does shingles hurt. Wow. So, I called out yesterday to see my primary for some pain meds. The meds she gave me could potentially make me drowsy, so I can't even take them since I have to take care of Maura. Booo. She gave me some topical cream/ointment to apply, but that could keep it moist and keep it from drying out, so I'm trying to avoid those, too. The sooner it dries out and scabs over, the less likely I am to be able to spread it. So, I'm dealing with the pain at this point. Blah.

While at my primary, I got the results from my routine blood work and urinalysis. There is strep and WBC in my urine, so I'm also now on an antibiotic. GREAT. And my vitamin D is low, so a supplement for that, too. My LFTs were also elevated, but the dr said it could be because I'm postpartum (although I think 5 months out, it shouldn't be an issue, so I'm trying not to worry) so I need a recheck in 2 months. Lucky me. WTF? My body is failing me. UGH. So, I'm a hot mess.

Our 2nd Anniversary was on Monday. We agreed to basically do nothing because we both want new iPhones and we both worked on Monday. We wanted to go to dinner on Sunday night, but that didn't work out, so I just cooked something here. I came home from work to find a dozen red roses, and 2 white roses. Vince brought me 3 white roses the night of our first date. I was really shocked, because you don't have to tell him not to do anything twice, that's for sure. And he isn't usually romantic and he definitely doesn't do surprises! So, it was a happy surprise and I loved it! Not sure where all this is coming from since Maura was born, but I'll surely take it. My parents got us a beautiful Calla Lilly plant! It's awesome!! So, then I was feeling a little crappy because I really didn't do anything :( LOL I did get him an awesome gift for Father's Day, though! hehe.

After much bullshit yesterday, we finally pre-ordered our iPhones. Woot. I can't wait to get it. It looks so cool. Of course, we don't really have the money for that right now...but we aren't going on vacation this year, so it'll be our big spend of the year, besides having a baby, of course. It was really Vince's idea. I wanted to wait...he wants one now. So, we preordered and should get our phones sometime next week.

I forgot to update on the support group meeting I went to with Dot. I LOVED it. I didn't go again this week because of the shingles. I didn't want to risk any of the babies, so better safe than sorry. Plus, Dot wasn't going, either. But, it was great to be able to talk about things and have the other moms understand. All the moms bring their babies and we sit around on the floor all together and discuss hot topics. It was really great. I can't go next week either because I have to work, but hopefully I'll be able to go again soon. Thanks to Dot for telling me about it!!

I went to Clea's bridal shower last weekend and I must say it was very nice. The Filipino food was delicious!! I never had it before and I was very surprised I liked it...but I really did. YUM. The cake was like heaven on earth. It was from Sweet Eats, which is where we always get our cakes from, so I think Clea requested it. It was red velvet with cream cheese icing and HOLY dear GOD it was SO flipping good!! Clea really was very happy and played the future bride to be very nicely. I was actually surprised, but I'm happy for her. In my opinion, she's changed a lot since she got engaged and not for the better, but it was still nice.

So, I believe that's it for now. That's enough, isn't it? Hopefully I'll remember to update before I have so much to tell :)

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