Friday, October 29, 2010

Mammogram results

Wow. First of all, someone should tell the tech that the boob is in fact ATTACHED to my body. That said, I wouldn't say the mammogram hurt, but I would say it's uncomfortable. Totally worth it means it saves lives. She was pulling my ginormous boob into the machine and pushing my body away. Um, Lady? That's kinda stuck there, sorry to say. First, they squish it up and down. Second, side to side. Lastly, on a diagonal. She was pretty quick about it, which was good. Once the machine squeezes down, she runs to hit a button to take the pictures. The machine releases as soon as it's done with the pictures. Afterwards, I sat in a room waiting to find out if I needed an ultrasound or if the radiologist was going to discuss the results. After waiting what seemed like a long time, the tech came back and said ultrasound. So, I get that done and the radiologist comes in right afterwards. They didn't see anything! Yay! So, good news :)
My doctor called me tonight to see how I felt and discuss the next step. She recommends I get a biopsy of the lymph nodes under my arm. So, after my course of another antibiotic to ensure my sinus infection is gone and time to reassess the lymph nodes, I'll have to make an appt with a general surgeon. I'm hoping to go with a doctor at my hospital since my doctor told me to see someone that also does breast surgery.

I'm still just exhausted. Vince commented tonight that the house is a mess, which it is, and I started bawling. I have no energry to take care of Maura, go to work, and clean the house. I want to, but I physically just can't do it. I feel like a horrible wife, but I know Vince understands. Luckily, I have a great husband :)

In fact, today he took off and we went to Duffield's Farm to get Maura a pumpkin for her first Halloween. It was freezing, but we got to take a few pictures :) It was nice to spend a day with Maura and Vince out and about!


  1. Great pics and looooove that green color on you!!! Sorry you still feel crappy babe. I hope you feel better soon. xoxo

  2. You are a beautiful family - all 3 of you! Maura is absolutely gorgeous, and I am so glad that all of you were able to take some time together! Hugs and prayers continued for the lymph node biopsy.

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