Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Results and such.

So, as you know when I went to the doc on Friday, they didn't have my results yet. So, after having a nice weekend (with ALL the signs of O coming!) and having sex (with condoms, but still SEX after none since Christmas week!!) and finally feeling back to myself and putting the m/c stuff behind us and REALLY looking forward to the next cycle, Renee calls to give me the results. There was a chromosome abnormality and the testing company recommends genetic testing/counseling after only ONE m/c. So, I'm pretty much scared shitless. I totally forget what she said the abnormality was, but for some reason I think it was something like translocation. And since I'm a google whore, I can't stop looking it up and reading about all the m/c's. UGH. Renee keeps saying she thinks it's probably a fluke thing, so that's a little reassuring, but I honestly don't think she really knows. So, I'm back to feeling pretty blue about everything. Sucks. So far, this whole process just sucks. It was so exciting when we started and now it's just stressful and scary. Not very much fun.

In other news, my ovaries are awesome. I O'd! Yay! My CM has had a little blood in it, but I guess that's ok :) I actually O'd a day earlier than I usually do. So, I'm happy about that. I was kinda nervous my cycle would be all screwy from the D&E but apparently not! So, bad and good news I guess all at the same time. I'm called and left a message for the genetic counselors to see if I can change my appointment from next Friday to Monday instead. I don't want to wait that long if I don't have to. Prayers and good luck wishes, please.

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  1. Sending prayers your way and hoping you can catch a break.