Thursday, April 2, 2009

Such a Fool

So, I pretty much feel like a jackass. I'm such a fool for thinking I was actually PG with the stupidest phantom symptoms EVER. But, good thing I got to hide out in Disney for a little while. AF came right on time on Sunday evening after a BFN in the morning. I was hestitate to go on any of the "good" rides until I knew for sure. But today I got to go on Rock 'N Roll roller coaster, which just happens to be my favorite! Yay! I will say I wasn't excited to have AF in Disney where it was so freaking hot and tampons don't work for me so I had to wear a pad...but oh well. It wasn't too bad. Although I have freaking cramps for the first time in a long time and AF is actually heavy, which is definitely not what I'm used to. But, I think it's a good thing...I haven't had a good period in a while and I think I needed it to be able to get PG again since I haven't had anything remotely normal since my D&E. So, that's it.

Disney was a great time! I honestly love it there. Clearly, it's the happiest place on earth! Hehe. The plan is to go back in Sept....hopefully I won't be able to ride any roller coasters while I'm there....

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  1. You're not a fool. You were just excited. Those damn symptoms get the best of all of us.