Friday, March 27, 2009

Going crazy...

So, another BFN this morning with FMU. My temp was 97.71. I'm going to lose it soon. Last night V commented on my gas problem...Today my gums were bleeding when I brushed my teeth which I believe happened before my first BFP. And get this...Janae and I went to Friendly's for lunch today and I did NOT order a PB Cup Sundae! I have no desire to eat chocolate, which seriously is a big deal for me. I didn't eat it the first time I was PG at all. I'm honestly getting more frustrated because I feel the way I felt last time...I really think someone is messing with me! I probably sound crazy but I think TTC makes you crazy, especially after a m/c! I'm also feeling like a sinus infection is brewing. I called the doctor and left a message to call me back and perhaps call something in just in case I get a sinus infection full on when we're away. That would suck! I'm obviously going to hold off as long as I can without taking anything, but I'm scared of being in Disney and getting a fever and really sick. The doc in the ER last time told me I can do more damage not taking something, especially since I had a high WBC count. So, I'd rather have something safe for PG on board before we go just in case. I certainly don't want to end up in an Orlando Hospital on my vacation! So, anyway, I'll be praying for two pink lines tomorrow morning :)


  1. Try not to go crazy lady! Yay for the temp staying high! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning. Feel better :)

  2. Man, how annoying! TTC does make you crazy...I hope you get a definitive answer before you go on your trip, and hopefully that sinus infection stays away! I hope you get that BFP soon!!