Saturday, January 17, 2009

blood work.

So, means I was at work and just glad I had a minute to answer the phone...I didn't get the exact number. But my level from Thursday after the u/s was over 4000. So, on Monday I'll get the results back from today's b/w to compare. It would make sense if I was only a little over 5 weeks since that's what my HCG level and the U/S show. I'm really trying not to worry. It's so hard being a nurse (especially on a floor that does GYN which includes anything not baby related OB stuff, i.e. ectopics, miscarriages, and still births) because I know WAY more than I want to right now. But, I'm really trying to remain positive. After looking at my chart and considering the spotting I had the same day AF was due, I'm guessing I implanted quite late since Renee called it "implantation spotting." So, I'm hanging in there for now. Praying and talking to baby helps, too. I really hope the levels doubled for today's blood work. Please God.


  1. 4000 is a great number! Praying that your next number is doubled. It's hard being a nurse and knowing more than we need to know. Good luck! (((HUGS)))

  2. Hang in there! I've got you in my prayers.