Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cheese Cake

So, today was a good day. The morning started out with a "Ding-Dong" FedEx was at the door with a package! I love packages, especially when I didn't pay for anything! LOL So, DH and I anxiously open it up and it's the most beautiful 12 Chocolate Covered Strawberries I've ever seen from my mom's friend. OMG OMG OMG. Not only are the beautiful, but they are delicious, big and juicy. YUMMY.

Ok, so then DH and I order some pepperoni pizza and french fries for our visit with Maya. YUM again. Maya also brought Cheese cake. Vanilla bean cheese cake with whipped cream and strawberries from the Cheesecake Factory. Yea, it's pretty much orgasmic. Maya also brought Brutus, her 70lb Doberman puppy. Oh my. He loves Vince. He wanted to make love to Vince, which might have been good since he can't get any from me. haha.

Then, Clea comes over and brings her awesome spinach dip complete with bread for dipping. Ok, so do my friends know me or what? Food is like a band-aid which is why my ass is HUGE. But, my spirits are definitely up today :)

So, while stalking my calendar, which I do rather often, I figured out my next 2 cycles. The first of which is completely out because of my pelvic rest. The second, however, if my cycles remain the same as they were pre-D&E, would put the end of my 2ww the week we're in Disney. Umm how awesome is that for a distraction? Hopefully I'll be able to pack without throwing any PG tests in my bag so I can refrain from testing until I get home, but with my POAS addiction, I don't know if that will happen. They probably don't sell any tests in Disney if I don't bring any...then I won't have any...and technically we come home on 12DPO which would be the earliest I would test. But...we don't come home until late in the evening. So, maybe if I only pack one, I'll have to save it for that morning? Hmm...I have plenty of time to figure this out...but do you see where my head is already? God I hope February flies by....


  1. Ohhhh Disney I am wicked jealous AND of course of all the yummy desserts you have posted!! Hope this month of rest flies by :-)

  2. OH MY GOD those strawberries look amazing! That is absolutely one of my favorites.

  3. Hey Toot! I am glad that you are doing better. I think about you all the time and always hope that you are doing better and better each day. I hope that Feb is like a lightning bolt!