Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yet another update.

Well, after not hearing from the doc yesterday, I got a phone call first thing this morning from Renee. Since she wasn't there yesterday, no one else decided to call me. But anyway, my level went up again, but definitely not doubled. It's about 7800 now. I called and rescheduled my u/s appt from Monday to Friday. I figured the sooner I get it over with the better. So, I go Friday at 11:00. I still have to go today and get my blood drawn at around 3:15. I tried to keep it around the same time that I went on Monday so there's no issue about the times. Ugh. This is so frustrating. I'm VERY nervous for the u/s. The last time we went they didn't let Vince come in at first. The tech said she wanted to get measurements first. This time I'm going to insist he comes in. I don't understand why they wouldn't let him in. I think I really need him to be there this time, since I don't know what's going to happen really.

So, an update on Mammy. Her sinus surgery went very well according to the doc yesterday. She had a lot of pressure and pain yesterday and this morning. And she couldn't sleep last night cause she had to sit up. So, I'm hoping she gets some rest today and tonight. Pray for her!

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