Saturday, January 10, 2009

I told my mom...and got good news the next day!

So, I know this is kinda late...but I told my mom on Monday. I couldn't take it anymore...I just had to. We are super close and spend a lot of time together and it was killing me not to be able to tell her. So on Monday, after getting the okay from Vince I decided I would go ahead and tell her. We were planning on going to the mall...something we do A LOT. I definitely needed to get a new bra and she was going to help me search. Trust me, this is not an easy adventure. So, anyway, for some reason I was so nervous. hehe. So we get in the car and she says she wants to call my cousin...but I made her feel bad so she wouldn't because I didn't want her on the phone when we got to the mall. We have parking spots next to the handicapped ones that say "FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS" complete with a stork and a baby. haha. I always say I'm going to park there someday since it's so close to the door when it's so freaking cold! I head down that way with her yelling at me cause she wanted to park near Boscovs and I totally ignored her and turned the other way. haha. So, as I turn into the spot Mammy says, "You can't park're not pregnant" I say, "I'm not?" She says, "No. Wait, you are?" I say, "umm yea!" And that's when she started freaking out and crying saying, "my baby is having a baby!!!" We hugged and cried for a few minutes when I gave her the details of when I found out and getting the blood draws because I was spotting and all that. She thought it was soo cute the way I told her. Since we're mall rats and all. haha. She's very excited and it was so nice to finally tell her.

The next day, Mammy and I took Amanda to get her 2 year old pics. Of course we took Giovanni, too, to get a pic of both of them together. They came soo great! They are adorable. I can't wait to see them with their new little cousin in September! Anyway, while we were there, Renee (doc) called to tell me my last two levels were great so unless I really wanted to, I didn't have to get my blood drawn anymore. I was really happy to hear that. If I didn't have to work, it wouldn't have been a big deal to get the blood drawn just for piece of mind anyway, but I would have had to walk a couple of blocks from work in the freezing cold rainy snowy weather to get it done. So, I had to pass on that! I did, however, schedule my ultrasound for Thursday which will be followed by my first doc appt. I'm very nervous. It still doesn't seem real and it's still early. Hopefully the u/s and appt will make me feel more at ease about everything.

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