Saturday, January 24, 2009

Decisions, decisions.

So after thinking about everything that's going on and spending time on I decided that as long as my levels went up on Friday, that I'm going to wait another week or two to schedule the D & E. I think I want one more u/s for piece of mind that's it's really over. Most of the stories of false blighted ovums involve women with a tilted uterus, which I was was once told I have. So, I think as long as I'm in a healthy state and can wait it out and either miscarry naturally, or wait another week before scheduling the D & E, then that's my plan. I will talk to Renee about it on Monday when she calls with my levels. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks for caring.


  1. big decisions babe. you are so strong! love you!

  2. Hey Girl. If this is something you feel like you need to do, then I absolutely think it's the right thing.

  3. Good for you! As long as waiting won't cause any damage, I don't see any reason to not wait until you're 110% sure.

    I'm behind you!