Friday, January 2, 2009

here goes nothing...

Good Morning! So, I don't really know where to start. We found out last weekend that I'm knocked up! I've been off birth control for 3 months. After I stopped taking it, I began charting to make sure I was ovulating...but obviously there was no problem there! I will say that charting was really interesting. I loved to watch the natural way my temp would react to ovulation. I'm a dork, I know. I didn't have many pregnancy 4 DPO (days post ovulation) I passed out at work giving tours to nursing students. EVERYONE kept asking if I was pregnant. Well, honestly at that point, I wasn't! Then around 9/10 DPO I got the beginning of a sinus infection that just got worse and worse. I got some antibiotics and I feel much better. Thank God! Other than that, I don't really "feel" pregnant.

So, because of some spotting I had to go to the ER on Monday. My blood HCG level was 48 mIU/L, which thank goodness was in range. The ultrasound didn't really show much, but that's because it's still too eary. I had to have my blood re-drawn on Wednesday to make sure the levels are going up. But I haven't gotten the results yet. I'm waiting for Renee (my OB) to call. I have to get my blood drawn again today and Monday to make sure the levels continue to rise. They should double each day. So, we'll see. And then I should be getting another ultrasound.

We have to figure out when and how we're going to tell everybody. Well, I need to go get some breakfast before I have to get ready to go :) The baby is hungry!

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