Thursday, January 22, 2009

Going up!

Well, Renee just level is now up to 9200. So, it's going up! Not doubling...but it's going up which is still a good thing! So, I'm both excited and nervous for the u/s tomorrow! Please pray we see something in the sac!!!

So, last night we went over Paula and Keith's for dinner. Paula wanted to share her PG story with me, since she was also having non-doubling betas. And she has a beautiful, healthy 8 month old daughter. When we were leaving, she didn't want to go back to Paula, she was clinging on to me! I think it's good juju!!!

In other news...haha...I've been very nauseous since yesterday. No womiting (thank God) but lots of gagging. It's starting to fade now, but I'm still pretty cautious to eat something. Ahh! I'm kinda excited to feel that's gotta be a good sign, right? We'll see!

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